Sewing Studio News

New How-To Video

Some customers have requested a video of this technique, so here it is! We have a new tutorial on how to join the ends of your binding together as you attach it to your quilt. We hope you find it helpful!

VIP Group

If you didn't know, it's possible to receive text alerts from The Sewing Studio! This video explains how to sign up.

Additionally, you can now subscribe to our mailing list on our Contact Us page!

File Transfer Tutorial

We have a new How-To video! This one is over how to transfer embroidery design files from the CD they come on to a USB drive for an embroidery machine, which is a common request we receive. We hope it helps!

New Machines!

With the new season comes new machines and we've got them in the shop! If you've been considering updating, upgrading, or purchasing your first machine, now's the time to come and see what we have in stock- our employees will be more than happy to help you find whatever you're looking for in your new machine!



We're currently offering classes and patterns for round and square tuffets that you can participate in! Check our calendar for dates, times, and prices. 

Block of the Month - March

Now that out Block of the Month classes for March are over, we've uploaded the instructional video! Whether you couldn't make it to the class or simply want a refresher, it and all our past videos are available here on the site, so have a look!