Block of the Month

Block of the Month is a twelve-block quilt put together over the course of the year. It is scheduled for the third Saturday and preceding Friday of every month and must be signed up for in advance.

When signing up for Block of the Month, a customer will pay $20+tax for the class and their first block kit. If they then attend the lecture on how to assemble the block, then return the following month and bring their finished block from the previous class, they will receive their next block for free. This continues throughout the year. If a class is missed, or the previous months's block is not brought to class (it must be brought by the person who made it), then the next block will be $10+tax. If a customer attends all twelve sessions and brings their completed blocks, they will receive the materials for all their blocks for the price of the first*.

For more information, or to sign up, give us a call or come up to the shop!

*Sashing and borders for the completed quilt top will be an additional cost.