Sewing Machines

At The Sewing Studio, we are committed to finding you the right machine for your needs. We are a top ten Babylock dealer that carries a large range of their machines, so we feel confident that you will find what you're looking for. Come in to see the machines in person and receive a demonstration from one of our knowledgable employees!
Below are some of the machines we carry.


The Jazz

If you're looking for a machine that is Big on Performance and Easy on Price, the new Baby Lock Jazz gives you both. With a 12" workspace and 1,000 stitches per minute, the Baby Lock Jazz offers a big place to create your quilt compositions. The best part about this machine is that it's easy to afford with features unlike others in its price range. Plus, Baby Lock is there to accompany you along the way. Now that should be music to your ears!

Learn more about the Jazz at the Baby Lock website here.


The Zeal

Even your smallest projects are made with genuine zeal, no matter what they are. Zeal is the perfect choice for DIY-ers, craft ers or even someone who just needs to mend clothing. Regardless, you’re sewing it and you’re sewing it with genuine zeal.

Learn more about the Zeal at the Baby Lock website here.

The Zest

If you’re ready to find a new sense of excitement through sewing, you’ll find a great place to start with Zest! Whether you’re looking to put together simple craft projects or need a basic travel machine, the Zest is exactly what you need.

Learn more about the Zest at the Baby Lock website here.


The Joy

Having to sew on a patch or fix a hem used to be a hassle, now it’s a joy! The Joy is the perfect choice for beginning sewers looking to add to their crafting opportunities or make small sewing projects around the house. You’ve just discovered the genuine joy of sewing!

Learn more about the Joy at the Baby Lock website here.

The Jubilant

Want a machine that’s a jack-of-all-trades yet small enough to take on the road, to a class or even to a friend’s house? Then it’s time to celebrate, because you found it. The Jubilant is ideal for a variety of sewing projects like quilt piecing, smaller home décor and even basic garments. It’s a machine that gives you plenty of genuine opportunities to let your creativity shine and be jubilant.

Learn more about the Solaris at the Baby Lock website here.


The Solaris

Put your projects in an entirely new light with the Baby Lock Solaris. With the revolutionary new IQ Visionary™ Technology, you’ll see how your design looks before you stitch it out! Solaris’ built-in projector displays your stitches and embroidery patterns on fabric in vibrant full color for perfect placement every time.

Learn more about the Solaris at the Baby Lock website here.

The Triumph

The Triumph is an 8-Thread Serger that conquers serging in a way you never thought possible thanks to RevolutionAir™ threading. Thread the loopers with just the touch of a button and then thread the needles automatically with the touch of another button! You'll have more time to focus on your creativity than worrying about setting up your machine. The Tiumph also has all the features you've come to expect from Baby Lock Sergers that make all your creating dreams a reality.

Learn more about the Triumph at the Baby Lock website here.


The Aventura II

Discover new paths to creativity with the Baby Lock Aventura II sewing and embroidery machine. Powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™, the Aventura II makes every step easier. Create your own designs and load them onto the machine with two-way USB connectivity or any of the 181 built-in designs and editing features.

Learn more about the Aventura II at the Baby Lock website here.

The Flourish II

Add your own unique touches to every project with the Baby Lock Flourish II embroidery machine. Packed with user-friendly features, the Flourish II is powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™. You'll easily edit designs, embroidery fonts and more all in one place. Your embroidery skills will thrive like never before!

Learn more about the Flourish II at the Baby Lock website here.


The Presto II

Start your next project and watch it get finished in no time at all. The Presto II features 100 built-in stitches and a bright LCD touchscreen that allows you to select and adjust stitches note by note. It also speeds along at 850 stitched per minute, helping you get through your quilting and sewing projects fast.

Learn more about the Presto II at the Baby Lock website here.

The Verve

The perfect place to house your ideas, Verve is the right fit for all your embroidery and sewing projects. Compact in size, it's loaded with the features you need, like 95 built-in embroidery designs and 191 stitches. It's also built for speed with a blazing 850 SPM. If you're ready to step into the world of embroidery, the Verve is the perfect starting point.

Learn more about the Verve at the Baby Lock website here.


The Accord

If you want to step up your creativity to include embroidery, the new Baby Lock Accord fits the bill. This machine will suit your sensibility for creating even more elegant projects with embroidery. It delivers all the features you need: 141 built-in designs, 250 built-in stitches, advanced thread cutter, Quick-set bobbin and more. Move your sewing projects to the next level with Accord!

Learn more about the Accord at the Baby Lock website here.

If you're looking for embroidery designs for your machine, be sure to check out Embroidery Design Studio from Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design (OESD). Remember to set your local store to The Sewing Studio, or simply click here.