Regular Events

While we at The Sewing Studio often have seasonal events, we also have regular events and classes that occur on a monthly basis that you can look forward to.


Block of the Month

Every year, we put together a twelve-block quilt, one block at a time. Come in and join us for Block of the Month!

Check our calendar for dates and times, and don't forget, we post an instruction video for each block that we construct. If you're curious about what exactly Block of the Month entails, feel free to check out the videos for not only the on-going quilt, but also our archives for previous years!


Sew Informative

At the beginning of the month, we like to invite in our customers and friends in the quilting community to discuss our new stock, available patterns and projects, and any other exciting information that may come up!

Join us for our monthly meetings!


Instructional Classes

If you purchase a machine from us, you won't have to worry about trying to figure it out on our own. We offer instructional classes for all of our machines because we want to make sure our customers are satisfied with and enjoying their purchase.